Straight Razor Shave

There is a feeling of nostalgia when you go to get old-fashioned straight razor shaves. No need to worry about nipping yourself with the razor. Our skilled barber shop shavers will lather you up and give you that high quality straight shave that makes you smile at the perfection. We specialize in hot towel, old fashioned shaves. The kind that you thought you couldn’t get anymore.

We will shave your neck and hairline behind your ears, leaving no spot incomplete. We then lighting dush you with a favorite manly smelling talk that helps soothe your skin. Going to a barber shop is more than just about the job to be done; it is about the experience.

While you are getting shaved, we can also go ahead and give you a haircut. Kutt & Edge Barber in Cedar Hill, TX works hard to make sure that you get a premium old-fashioned service you deserve. Set up your appointment today!